Upcoming Events - Sep 20 2015

We have lots of events coming up in Saskatchewan.  Take a look at our Upcoming Events page for more details.

Canadian Strength Symposium 2015 Powerlifting Open - October 31 - Saskatoon

2015 Western Canadian Powerlifting Championships - December 19 - Moose Jaw

2015 Last Chance - December 19 - Moose Jaw

2016 CPU National Championships - February 15-20, 2016 - Regina, SK 

Equipped Lifter Workshop - August 1, 2015 - Jul 16 2015

We are pleased to be hosting our first Equipped Lifting Workshop in Moose Jaw on August 1.  This workshop has been designed to help athletes and coaches who want to learn about the equipment and the differences between equipped and classic lifting.  The workshop is open to all Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association members who hold a valid Canadian Powerlifting Union membership card.

Cost: $20
Registration Form & Information
Registration Deadline: Tuesday July 28, 2015
Questions? Email Ryan Stinn
Maximum Participants: 12 (may fill up before registration deadline)

Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association Provincial Championships 2015 - Jun 29 2015

The Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association Provincial Championships will be held in Weyburn on September 5th.  The entry form and further information can be found here.

North American Powerlifting Championships - Jun 25 2015

The 2015 North American Powerlifting Championships are being held in Moose Jaw on July 8 through 11th at the Heritage Inn (1590 Main Street North).

The schedule of lifting can be found here.

We hope to see you there watching some incredible competitions!

Upcoming Competitions - Apr 28 2015

We have two local competitions coming up: 

2015 Adrenaline Open Powerlifting Meet - May 16th, Regina, SK

2015 Unparalleled Open - June 20, Moose Jaw

Further information can be found in the 'upcoming events' section of our website.

Novice Lifter Workshop - Regina, SK May 2, 2015 - Apr 15 2015

We are pleased to present our second Novice Lifter Workshop.  This workshop is being held in Regina at Adrenaline Personal Training on May 2nd.  It is open to any Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association member who holds a CPU card.  The cost is $20, and is limited to 30 participants.  

Registration Deadline: April 25

Registration Form

More Information

For further information, contact Ryan Fowler at saskpowerlifting@gmail.com

Team Saskatchewan at the 2015 CPU National Championships - Apr 03 2015

Next week's National Championship will be streamed live online here:http://powerlifting.ca/online_video.html

Once lifting is complete, results are to be posted here:http://powerlifting.ca/nationals/2015/results.php (currently the lifter list can be viewed there)

Listed below is when SK lifters will be competing, with the NL time posted first, and the SK time after in brackets. 

Good luck to all competitors!  Like our Facebook page to stay up to date with us throughout the week: www.facebook.com/saskpowerlifting

Tuesday April 7
8:00am (4:30am SK time)
Mikayla Lohse, Sub Junior, Classic 52kg
Brittney Bergen, Open, Classic 57kg

12:30pm (9:00am SK time)
Amy Smith, Open, Classic 63kg

5:00pm (1:30pm SK time)
Rhaea Stinn, Open, Classic 72kg
Melissa Leier, Open, Classic 72kg
Marianne Marchildon, Open, Classic 72kg
Claire Hopkin, Open, Classic 84kg
Lana Price-Wright, Open, Classic 84kg+
Jessie Buydens, Open, Classic 84kg+

9:00pm (5:30pm SK time)
Lucas Tetreault, Open, Equipped 120kg Bench Only
Jeremy Lundgren, Open, Equipped 120kg Bench Only

Wednesday April 8
8:00am (4:30am SK time)
Genevieve Grant, Master 1, Classic 84kg+
Brandee Borne, Master 1, Classic 84kg+
Sandra Nase, Master 2, Classic 84kg+
Cameron Preymack, Junior, Classic 66kg

2:30pm (11:00am SK time)
Christian Pearce, Junior, Classic 74kg

Thursday April 9
8:00am (4:30am SK time)
Tanner Lepage, Junior, Classic 93kg
Paul Farbacher, Sub Junior, Classic 105kg
Russell Agnew, Junior, Classic 105kg
Kent Brown, Open, Classic 66kg
Marc Morris, Open, Classic 74kg

1:30pm (10:00am SK time)
Brian Desjarlais, Master 3, Classic 74kg
Brett Zoerb, Master 2, Classic 83kg
Mike Foley, Master 4, Classic 83kg
Jason Cain, Open, Classic 83kg

5:00pm (1:30pm SK time)
Heidi Fowler, Open, Classic 84kg Bench Only
Cameron Preymack, Junior, Classic 66kg Bench Only
Brian Desjarlais, Master 3, Classic 74kg Bench Only

Friday April 10
8:00am (4:30am SK time)
Mikayla Lohse, Sub Junior, Equipped 52kg
Robyn Pearce, Junior, Equipped 57kg
Melanie Ziffle, Open, Equipped 57kg
Cydney Arnold, Junior, Equipped 63kg
Shantelle Szuch, Open, Equipped 63kg
Rhaea Stinn, Open, Equipped 72kg
Brittinay Rowland, Junior, Equipped 84kg+
Dave Stevens, Open, Classic 93kg
Jeff Bilyk, Open, Classic 93kg

11:00am (7:30am SK time)
Denis LaBreche, Open, Classic 105kg
James Mohns, Open, Classic 120kg
Tyler Harnett, Open, Classic 120kg
Luke Gordon, Open, Classic 120kg+
Brad Kleefeld, Open, Classic 120kg+

Saturday April 11
9:00am (5:30am SK time)
Stephen Price, Junior, Equipped 66kg
Travis Campbell, Junior, Equipped 93kg
Chris Arnold, Master 2, Equipped 93kg
Aaron Ziffle, Open, Equipped 93kg
Lucas Tetreault, Open, Equipped 120kg
Ryan Stinn, Open, Equipped 120kg+
Ryan Fowler, Open, Equipped 120kg+

Again, we would like to thank our sponsors who helped us to outfit our team this year:
Tshirt Sponsors
ICR Commercial Real Estate
Inner Strength Products

Friends of the Team
Adrenaline Personal Training
Degelman Industries
EVO Coatings
Mark Michel
MGD Customs Inc.
Olympia Fitness
Proffessional Plumbing and Heating
Synergy Strength and Conditioning

2015 Provincial Team Sponsors - Feb 19 2015

It is with excitement and extreme gratitude that the Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association has secured a number of sponsors for the Provincial Team attending the 2015 National Championship being held in St. John's, NL, April 6-11.

The SPA would like to acknowledge the following companies who have come on board to sponsor the 2015 Provincial Team.

T-shirt Sponsor
ICR Commercial Real Estate - Saskatoon, SK

Inner Strength Products - Moose Jaw, SK 

Friend of the Team
Adrenaline Personal Training - Regina, SK
Degelman Industries - Regina, SK 
EVO Coatings - Regina, SK
Mark Michel - Estevan, SK
MGD Customs Inc. - Lumsden, SK
Olympia Fitness - Weyburn, SK
Professional Plumbing and Heating - Regina, SK
Synergy Strength and Conditioning - Saskatoon, SK

We would like to thank these sponsors, and encourage everyone to show their support by providing business to these companies.

2015 Provincial Team Training Camps - Feb 15 2015

The SPA will be hosting 2 Provincial Team training camps leading up to this year's National Championship.  The purpose of these two training camps is to provide the opportunity to receive feedback on their training and technique from fellow lifters and coaches as well as build camaraderie among the members of Team Saskatchewan.

See the document below for additional information and the registration form.  There are two training camps, one in Moose Jaw on Feb. 28 and one in Saskatoon on Mar. 14.  Attendance at either session is not mandatory, but we would encourage anyone lifting at Nationals to attend one or both. There is no cost for registration, however registration is mandatory so we can plan appropriately. This training camp is open to any lifters who will be lifting at the 2015 National Championship. A valid CPU card is also required.

Information/Registration Form

Canadian Strength Symposium Lifter and Volunteer Information - Jan 21 2015

If you're looking for information on this weekend's powerlifting competition at the Canadian Strength Symposium, here it is!

Volunteer/Official Assignments

Powerlifting Information (venue information, lifter lists, lifting times, etc.)