Canadian Strength Symposium Lifter and Volunteer Information - Jan 21 2015

If you're looking for information on this weekend's powerlifting competition at the Canadian Strength Symposium, here it is!

Volunteer/Official Assignments

Powerlifting Information (venue information, lifter lists, lifting times, etc.)

Entry Form for 306 Open in Saskatoon February 21 - Jan 16 2015

The second competition in 2015 will also be in Saskatoon at Reebok 306 Crossfit. They put on a great meet, hope to see you there. Please make sure you fill in the separate waiver as well with your entry.

Entry Form


2015 Tentative Schedule of Events - Jan 04 2015

The 2015 Tentative Schedule of Events for the Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association is as follows.  Further details will be available on the 'upcoming events' page of our website, as well as on our Facebook page as they are available.

January 24: Canadian Strength Symposium Powerlifting Open, Saskatoon
February 21: Reebok 306 Competition, Saskatoon
February 28/March 1: National Team Training Camp, Moose Jaw
March 14/15: National Team Training Camp, Saskatoon
April 6-11: CPU National Championships, St. John's, NFLD
May 2: Novice Lifter Workshop, South Saskatchewan
May 17: Adrenaline Personal Training Studios Competition, Regina
June 13: Unparalleled Open, Moose Jaw
July 8-11: North American Powerlifting Championships, Moose Jaw
Early August: Equipped Workshop, Moose Jaw
September 12: Saskatchewan Powerlifting Provincial Championships, Weyburn
December 19: Last Chance, Moose Jaw

The First Contest of 2015! - Oct 31 2014

The first contest of 2015 has been announced, and will be the Canadian Strength Symposium Powerlifting Open, being held in Saskatoon at TCU Place on January 24th.  

Further information and registration information can be found under 'Upcoming Events' on the left of this page.  

There is a maximum of 56 powerlifters, so be sure to register early if you plan to compete!

Novice Lifter Workshop - November 22, 2014 - Saskatoon, SK - Oct 21 2014

We are pleased to be hosting our first Novice Lifter Workshop on November 22, 2014 at Synergy Strength and Conditioning in Saskatoon.  

This workshop has been designed by the Provincial Executive to help athletes and coaches new to powerlifting who want to fine tune their squat, bench press, and deadlift techniques, begin to develop proper training programs, and be better prepared for comeptition day.  This workshop is open to all Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association members who hold a valid Canadian Powerlifting Union memebership card.

This workshop is intended for athletes and coaches new to powerlifting (who have never competed or competed in less than 4 competitions), however, it is open to anyone who would like to attend.

The Provincial Executive will be acting as coaches.  Find out more about the structure of the day and the coaches by clicking on 'more information' below.

More Information

Cost: $20
Registration Deadline: Saturday November 15
Registration Form
Have questions? Email SPA President, Ryan Fowler, at

2014 Last Chance Invitational - Sep 22 2014

The entry form for the 2014 Last Chance Invitational is now available.  The meet will be held in Moose Jaw on December 20th.  

There is a maximum of 40 powerlifters and 14 bench-only, so get your entries in early as the competition will likely fill up before the entry deadline.  (POWERLIFTING COMPETITION IS NOW FULL.  ANY ENTRIES RECEIVED WILL GO ON THE WAITING LIST)

Click on 'Upcoming Events' to the left for the entry form and further information.

Provincial Records & Top Lifter Lists Updated - Sep 15 2014

The Provincial Records and Top Lifter Lists have been updated from our Provincial Championship results.  Click on 'Provincial Records' to the left to view the updated Records and Top Lifter Lists.

If you see any errors, please contact Rhaea Stinn, SPA Records Chair, at

Congratulations to the following who broke Provincial Records this weekend: 
Randy Wenzel
Brian Desjarlais
Steve Price 
Cameron Preymack
Randy Luzny
Cameron Black
Stephane Gautreau
Ryan Stinn
Denis LaBreche
Tyler Harnett 
Brad Kleefeld
Melanie Ziffle
Jessica Merritt
Jessica Buettner
Kyla Hillmer
Brittney Bergen
Rhaea Stinn
Mikayla Lohse
Alyssa Hein
Brittinay Rowland
Thomas Wright
Jordan Seitz
Adam Sanden
Mason Beug

Congratulations to those who move onto/up the Top Lifter Lists: 
Melanie Ziffle
Taunia Stevens
Brittney Bergen
Rhaea Stinn
Mikayla Lohse
Jessica Buettner
Steve Price
Cameron Preymack
Denis LaBreche
Tyler Harnett
Brad Kleefeld
Ryan Stinn

Saskatchewan Provincial Championships Results - Sep 15 2014

Results from this past weekend's Provincial Championships have now been posted.  Click on the 'results' tab on the left to see the results.

Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up to date with events within the Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association:

Congratulations to the best lifters from yesterday's Championships: 

Best Equipped Female: Taunia Stevens, 544.541 wilks points
Best Equipped Male: Ryan Stinn, 548.286 wilks points
Best Classic Female: Rhaea Stinn, 472.896 wilks points
Best Classic Male: Brad Kleefeld, 459.036 wilks points
Best Special Olympic Male: Randy Luzny, 218.148 wilks points
Best Bench Only: Cameron Preymack, 95.011 wilks points

As well, congratulations to those who set National Records: 
Brittinay Rowland - 84+kg Women's Sub-Junior Classic Squat (148kg), Bench Press (75kg), Deadlift (162.5kg), & Total (385.5kg)
Mikayla Lohse - 52kg Women's Sub-Junior Classic Squat (100kg), Deadlift (133kg, UNOFFICIAL WORLD RECORD), & Total (284kg)
Jessica Buettner - 72kg Women's Junior Classic Deadlift (162.5kg), & Total (352.5kg)
Rhaea Stinn - 72kg Women's Open Classic Squat (178.5kg), Deadlift (189kg), & Total (480kg)
Melanie Ziffle - 57kg Women's Open Equipped Squat (175kg), Deadlift (170.5kg), & Total (443kg)
Steve Price - 66kg Men's Junior Classic Squat (193.5kg)
Cameron Preymack - 66kg Men's Junior Classic Deadlift (225kg)
Ryan Stinn - 120+kg Men's Open Equipped Squat (370kg), Deadlift (328kg), & Total (973kg)
Brian Desjarlais - 74kg Men's Master 3 Bench Press Only (122.5kg)
Randy Luzny - 59kg Men's Master 1 & 2 Squat (75kg), Deadlift (105kg), & Total (245kg)

Provincial Records will be updated this week!

2014 Saskatchewan Provincial Championships Schedule - Sep 09 2014

The 2014 Saskatchewan Provincial Powerlifting Championships is just days away.  Below are some details of the event:

2014 Saskatchewan Provincial Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships
Saturday September 13, 2014
Queensbury Convention Centre
1700 Elphinstone Street
Regina, SK

9:00am - lifting begins for morning powerlifting session (all women and 59-74kg men)
1:00pm - lifting begins for afternoon powerlifting session (83-120+kg men)
5:00pm - lifting begins for bench only session
6:00pm (approximately, post bench only session) - awards ceremony for all sessions

There is no fee for spectators, so come on out and see watch our athletes compete to be named provincial champion!

If you're competing this weekend, some further information is listed below: 

Friday September 12, 2014
6:00pm - set up begins
6:30-7:30pm - early equipment check (you have the option to have your equipment checked Friday night or Saturday during your weigh ins.  This early option allows you to get it out of the way the night before - please bring all attire that will be worn on the platform if doing equipment check early)
8:00pm - Provincial AGM - all 2014 CPU card holders are invited to attend

Saturday September 13, 2014
6:30am - doors open
7:00am - weigh in & equipment check for morning powerlifting session (all women and 59-74kg men)
9:00am - lifting begins for morning session
11:00am - weigh in & equipment check for afternoon powerlifting session (83-120+kg men)
1:00pm - lifting begins for afternoon powerlifting session
3:00pm - weigh in & equipment check for bench only session
5:00pm - lifting begins for bench only session
6:00pm (approximately, post bench only session) - Awards Ceremony for ALL sessions.  PLEASE BE SURE TO ATTEND!

Schedule of flights (please note, flights could change within sessions.  Final flight arrangements are announced after all weigh ins are complete, usually 30 minutes before the session begins)

Morning Session:

Flight A

Kyla Hillmer 47
Bobbi Janzen 52
Brittney Bergen 57
Mikayla Lohse 57
Sheena Cugnet 57
Jessic Merritt 63
Sarah Campbell 63
Alyssa Hein 72
Jessica Buettner 72
Katie Avram 72
Marianne Marchildon 72
Rhaea Stinn 72
Robyin Michon 72

Flight B
Mieka Holbrow 84
Pam Gabruch 84
Lana Price-Wright 84+
Brittinay Rowland 84+
Gwendelyn Grasdal 84+
Melanie Ziffle 57
Taunia Stevens 72
Randy Luzny 59
Cameron Black 66
Cameron Preymack 66
Steve Price 66
Christian Pierce 74
Jordan Seitz 74
Thomas Wright 74

Afternoon Session

Flight A
Adam Sanden 83
Brent Weppler 83
Ed Lam 83
Rob Rooney 83
Tejpaul Grewal 83
Blaine Mackie 93
Clint Senko 93
Dale Johnstone 93
Michael Predinchuk 93
Scotty Butcher 93
Tanner Lepage 93
Rory Windrum 83

Flight B
Bryant Westerman 105
Denis LaBreche 105
Mason Beug 105
Stephane Gautreau 105
Todd Butler 105
Charles Obsniuk 105
Dana Molander 120
Jeremy Lundgren 120
John Alcorn 120
Tyler Harnett 120
Brad Kleefeld 120+
Patrick Macdonald 120+
Ryan Fowler 120+
Ryan Stinn 120+

Bench Only
Cameron Preymack 66
Brian Desjarlais 74
Kirk Winter 83
Tejpaul Grewal 83
Adam Sanden 83
Tanner Lepage 93
Randy Wenzel 105
Patrick Thera 120+

Take a look at our Facebook page:
and the event page:

Both these pages may have further information you're looking for

Unparalleled Open Results & Records Updated - Jul 01 2014

Results from the Unparalleled Open have been posted, along with records and top lifter lists being updated.

Congratulations to the following who broke Provincial Records: 
Brittinay Rowland
Mikayla Lohse
Kyla Hillmer
Taunia Stevens
Sandra Nase
Chris Michel
Wally Schoffer
Randy Luzny
Thomas Wright
Denis LaBreche 
Al Block

And congratulations to those who moved up the Top Lifter Lists: 
Brittinay Rowland
Taunia Stevens
Denis LaBreche
Brad Kleefeld

The next contest in SK is on September 13th in Regina - Saskatchewan Provincial Championships.  The entry deadline is August 15th, and there is a limit on the number of lifters, so if you're considering entering this contest, get your entry in soon!  Entry form can be found on this website under 'upcoming events'.