Upcoming Events - Apr 12 2014

We have three contests planned in the next 6 months - click on our 'upcoming events' tab on the left side of this page for more details. 

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Team Saskatchewan at CPU Nationals - Mar 29 2014

Lifting starts in two days! We've broken things down for you as far as who lifts when so you can tune in. Good luck to all of Team Saskatchewan! Times listed are Eastern Time, so subtract 2 hours for SK time!

Watch online live here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/davestestcam

Classic Bench Press
Angela Desjarlais 
Brian Desjarlais 

Classic Powerlifting (women up to 57kg)
Mikayla Lohse
Bobbi Janzen
Samantha Solie 
Amy Smith

Classic Powerlifting (men up to 74kg)
Kent Brown 
Danny Heintz 
Brian Desjarlais 
Marc Morris 

Classic Powerlifting (women 63-72kg)
Angela Desjarlais 
Valarie Perry 

Classic Powerlifting (men's 83kg)
Kirk Winter 
Jonathan Gough 
Connor Lutz 

Classic Powerlifting (women 84-84+)
Genevieve Grant 
Brittinay Rowland 
Sandra Nase
Jessie Buydens

Classic Powerlifting (men's 93kg)
Jeff Bilyk 

Classic Powerlifting (men's 105kg)
Joe Brooker
Cody Baragar

Equipped Bench Press
Jeremy Lundgren

Equipped Powerlifting (women 47-63kg, men 52-74kg)
Mikayla Lohse 
Shantelle Szuch
Melanie Ziffle

Equipped Powerlifting (women 72-84+kg, men's 83kg)
Rhaea Stinn
Brittinay Rowland
Pamela Windrum

Equipped Powerlifting (men's 93kg)
Travis Campbell 
Aaron Ziffle

Equipped Powerlifting (men 105-120+kg)
Ryan Fowler
Ryan Stinn

2014 Reebok Crossfit 306 Open - Feb 15 2014

The next meet will be up in Saskatoon at Reebok 306 on May 17 and Marc Morris will be the meet director. This should be another big one so get your entries in quick. Please also include the waiver when you send it in.

Entry Form

SPA Clothing Available for Pre-Order - Feb 15 2014

Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association apparel is available now for pre-order through Inner Strength Products.  All pre-orders MUST be placed by February 23rd to ensure delivery for Nationals.

Available for pre-order are: 

-team tshirts (will be green, with all team member names on the back and SPA logo or team design on the front)
-Adidas zip ups (available in green or black in men's and women's styles with the SPA logo embroidered on left chest)
-Adidas pants (available in black in men's and women's styles with the SPA logo embroidered on the left thigh)

You do not have to be attending Nationals to order any of these items.  Also available are some other items that are in stock and ready to ship!


Unparalleled Open Entry Form Available - Feb 10 2014

The entry form for the Unparalleled Open is now available.  This contest will be held June 28th in Moose Jaw.  We hope to see you there!

Unparalleled Open Entry Form

Synergy Strength Open - January 25 2014! - Dec 04 2013

Well the Saskatoon crew is up for it again, they are running the Synergy Strength Open on January 25th at Synergy Strength and Conditioning.

I'm sure this is going to be a HUGE meet, maybe the biggest ever in Saskatchewan, get your entries in!

Entry Form


Entry Form for Last Chance 2013 - Nov 08 2013

Last Chance 2013 will be run on December 21, 2013 in Moose Jaw at Unparalleled Gym. Due to time and space constraints entry is limited to 20 powerlifters and 10 bench only(who will bench with the powerlifting) so if you are interested in lifting please get your entries in as soon as possible. The entry deadline in December 6.

This meet is full. If you would like to be put on the wait list in case some one backs out, contact Ryan Stinn at stinndler@gmail.com.

Lifting Schedule for 2013 SPA Provincial Championships - Oct 20 2013

The lifting schedule for this year's Provincial Championships is posted below.  Note that we will be having 3 sessions, and therefore 3 different weigh in times.  The flights may change slightly within the session once weigh ins are complete.  

Bench Only

Weigh-in: 7am 
Lifting: 9am

Pat Thera 
Chelsea Sveinbjornson
James McGregor
Colleen Hardie
Taunia Stevens
Brian Desjarlais
Wally Schoffer
Jason Trinh 

Powerlifting Session #1
Weigh-in: 8am
Lifting: 10am

Flight #1
Brooklyn Bodnarchuk
Jessica Merritt
Amy Smith
Kayla Arthurs
Shantelle Szuch
Erin Kemp
Viki Cirkvencic
Samantha Mitchell
Jessica Theaker
Stef Hughes 

Flight #2
Valarie Perry
Nicole Wegner
Karina Seidle
Lela Kaunitz
Chelsea Sveinbjornson
Genevieve Grant
Heidi Fowler
Jessie Buydens
Lana Price-Wright
Sandra Nase
Janyce Yuzbasheva

Powerlifting Session #2
Weigh-in: 12pm
Lifting: 2pm

Kent Brown
Michael Rusk
James Beckett
Curtis Prescesky
Odell Pui
William Jacklin-Watt
Brian Desjarlais
Ed Lam
Branden Fisher
Jason Cain
Joel Hart
Koltan Huget
Corey Borolien

Flight #4
Josh Glines
Jason Joyal
Adam Holtzmann
Aaron Ziffle
Shane Pow
Denis Labreche
Joe Brooker
Dale Bruce Hopkins
Russell Agnew
Blair Hersikorn
Dustin Small
Rob Lepine
Al Block
Jeremy Lundgren 

Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association Provincial Championships Entry List *Updated October 9* - Sep 22 2013

Below is the lifter list for this year's provincial championships.  This list will continue to be updated in the next few days as the last entries are received.  See below for more information about this championship.

  3 LIFT          
1 Denis LaBreche M 105 CLASSIC OPEN Trench
2 Michael Rusk M 59 CLASSIC OPEN N/A
3 Al Block M 120+ CLASSIC M1 Unparalleled
5 Shantelle Szuch F 63 EQ OPEN  
6 James Beckett M 74 CLASSIC OPEN Unparalleled
7 Jessica Merritt F 57 CLASSIC JUNIOR N/A
8 Chelsea Sveinbjornson F 84 CLASSIC JUNIOR Reebok 306
9 Kent Brown M 66 CLASSIC OPEN Reebok 306
10 Jessie Buydens F 84+ CLASSIC OPEN Reebok 306
11 William Jacklin-Watt M 74 CLASSIC SUBJ Reebok 306
12 Josh Glines M 93 CLASSIC OPEN Basement Barbell
13 Amy Smith F 57 CLASSIC OPEN Saskatoon Barbell
14 Branden Fisher M 83 EQ OPEN Basement Barbell
15 Curtis Prescesky M 74 CLASSIC JUNIOR Saskatoon Barbell
16 Jason Cain M 83 CLASSIC OPEN Reebok 306
17 Erin Kemp F 63 CLASSIC OPEN Reebok 306
18 Jason Joyal M 93 CLASSIC OPEN Reebok 306
19 Lana Price-Wright F 84+ CLASSIC JUNIOR Reebok 306
20 Genevieve Grant F 84 CLASSIC M1 Reebok 306
21 Valarie Perry F 72 CLASSIC OPEN Synergy
22 Sandra Nase F 84+ CLASSIC M2 Synergy
23 Nicole Wegner F 72 CLASSIC OPEN Synergy
24 Karina Seidle F 72 CLASSIC OPEN N/A
25 Jason Trinh M 74 CLASSIC OPEN Synergy
26 Kayla Arthurs F 57 CLASSIC SUBJ Reebok 306
27 Janyce Yuzbasheva F 84+ CLASSIC OPEN Synergy
28 Joe Brooker M 105 CLASSIC JUNIOR Trench
29 Heidi Fowler F 84 CLASSIC OPEN N/A
30 Dale Bruce Hopkins M 105 CLASSIC OPEN Synergy
31 Jeremy Lundgren M 120+ CLASSIC OPEN N/A
32 Odell Pui M 74 CLASSIC OPEN N/A
33 Koltan Huget M 93 CLASSIC JUNIOR Saskatoon Barbell
34 Corey Borolien M 93 CLASSIC M1 Corey's House of Pain
35 Blair Hersikorn M 120 CLASSIC OPEN Synergy
36 Aaron Ziffle M 93 EQ OPEN Unparalleled
37 Rob Lepine M 120 CLASSIC OPEN N/A
38 Viki Cirkvencic F 63 CLASSIC OPEN Reebok 306
39 Samantha Mitchell F 63 CLASSIC OPEN Reebok 306
40 Adam Holtzmann M 93 CLASSIC OPEN Reebok 306
41 Dustin Small M 120 CLASSIC OPEN Trench
42 Lela Kaunitz F 72 CLASSIC OPEN N/A
43 Joel Hart M 83 CLASSIC OPEN Saskatoon Barbell
44 Jessica Theaker F 63 CLASSIC OPEN N/A
45 Stef Hughes F 63 CLASSIC OPEN Reebok 306
46 Brooklyn Bodnarchuk F 52 CLASSIC JUNIOR Synergy
47 Brian Desjarlais M 74 CLASSIC MIII N/A
48 Russell Agnew M 105 CLASSIC JUNIOR N/A
49 Shane Pow M 93 CLASSIC OPEN N/A
  BENCH ONLY          
1 Patrick Thera M 120+ EQ MII N/A
2 Chelsea Sveinbjornson F 84 CLASSIC JUNIOR Reebok 306
3 James McGregor M 105 CLASSIC OPEN N/A
4 Colleen Hardie F 84 CLASSIC OPEN Synergy
5 Taunia Stevens F 72 CLASSIC OPEN Unparalleled
6 Brian Desjarlais M 74 CLASSIC MIII N/A
7 Wally Schoffer M 120+ CLASSIC MII N/A

Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association Provincial Championships - October 26, 2013 - Saskatoon, SK - Aug 12 2013

The 2013 Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association Provincial Championships will be held in at Reebok Crossfit 306 in Saskatoon on October 26th.  Marc Morris (marc.morris@usask.ca) and Chris Arnold (chrisarnold5@shaw.ca) are the meet directors and this is going to be a great contest so plan to be there!  If you are not planning on lifting, there is always a need for volunteers, so get in touch with Marc or Chris to let them know you are willing to volunteer.  

Remember, anyone can lift at our Provincial Championships, even a new lifter!  Also, National Records can only be set at Provincial Championships and higher level events, so this is your only chance to set National Records in Saskatchewan this year.    

The Provincial Annual General Meeting will be held the night before the Championship - Friday October 25th at 8:00pm at Reebok Crossfit 306.  An overview of the past year as well as plans for the upcoming year will be discussed.  If there are any constitutional changes, these will require a vote of the membership.  If there are any constituional changes you would like to propose, please email Ryan Fowler (saskpowerlifting@gmail.com) and he will add them to the agenda for discussion.  

Posted below are the entry forms and Waiver required for this Championship.  We hope to see you there!

Entry Form (.docx)

Entry Form (.pdf)

Reebok Crossfit 306 Waiver